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(this is important to consider when planning who will be the primary caregiver of the puppy and how much time the puppy will be alone at first.)
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11. Will there be anyone else living with the family?
12. Is anyone in your family allergic to dogs or dog hair?
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13. Have you owned a dog before?
14. Was it a lab?
If other please name the breeds.
15. If you owned a dog before please indicate
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16. What pets other than dogs do you currently have?
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17. How many dogs do you currently own?
18. What would you say are the positive aspects of a Labrador Retreiver?
19. What would you say are the negative aspects of the Labrador Retriever?
20. Do you breed dogs now, have you had any experience breeding dogs in the past or plan on breeding in the future?
If yes, please explain.
21. Has your breeding experience included any mix (non- purebred breedings)?
Care and Facilities:
22. Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?
23. How many hours per day would the dog be left alone?
24. Do you own your own home?
If no, does your lease allow you to have a Labrador (60-100+ pound dog) as a pet?
26. The dog's sleeping quarters would be:
25. The dog would spend most of its time:
27. Description of outdoor space for dog:
28. Who will care for the puppy/ dog when you can't? (vacation, business trip...)
29. If you use a boarding kennel, please give it's name.
30. What is the name & phone # of your vet?
Training :
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