The Maple Lane Farm
Welcome to our nursery!  Please, come in, look around and enjoy the pictures of the puppies.  We have two or
three litters each year, so be sure to check in to see when the next litter is here.  

Adopting a puppy can be a stressful time in the life of the puppy as well as for the new family.  We are here to
help with this transition.  I will work to match you up with the puppy that best fits your lifestyle and activity
level as well as providing you with the healthiest, best all-around, beautiful dog that I can.  We love our
puppies and want to see that they have loving homes in which to grow and thrive.  My job is to help you in that
endeavor.  We offer 2 free training sessions as well as 2 free days of boarding for your new puppy.  We also
strive to maintain an ‘open email’ policy so that you can ask questions anytime you need.  Living and working
with dogs is a life-long learning process.  I continue to learn about all my animals and I am happy to share the
knowledge and experience I have gained from my experiences, research and my mentors (
thank you!!) with
you to make YOUR experiences all the better!  

If you are interested in adopting a Maple Lane puppy, please fill out the
adoption application.  You can also
view our
adoption agreement and guarantee here and our Maple Lane puppy care here.  Again, we are now
offering training with each puppy, see our
training page!!
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Expected Litters from our friends at Karemy Labs

You are welcome to call or email us:


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Routine for Adopting a Maple Lane Puppy/ Dog

1. Read Adoption Agreement-It is vital that you understand how we care for our puppies/dogs and how we expect them to
be cared for in the future in your home. Scroll down to read through it.

2. Application -If you are interested in adopting one of our pups please fill out the adoption application.  We will respond
usually within 24 hours to your application.

3. Pregnancy Calendar- Follow the development of your puppy even before it's born. Families that have put a deposit down
on a future litter will receive a pregnancy calendar to follow along with the development of the babies.

4. Kennel Visit- If you would like we then will schedule a visit to our kennel to see the parents and available puppies. If the
puppies have been born this counts as your first visit.

5. Deposit- A non-refundable deposit is required  to hold a puppy till the pick up date. If a puppy of the sex or color is not in
the litter then the deposit is held till the next litter that has what you requested.  The deposit is 50% of the total adoption
fee (including any extra training that you request).

6. If you are on the list for a future litter, I will e-mail you a pregnancy calender for momma so you can follow the puppies'
development.I will also send pictures of momma just before she delivers. You will be notified when the puppies are born. We
try to post photos on the web each week.

7. PUPPIES!! - You will be notified when the puppies are born. We try to post photos on the web each week. We hope to
soon have a web cam up for you to keep an eye on your puppy.

8.  Puppy visits- You are welcome to visit the pups a total of three times as they grow up till it is time to take them home.
(They are not very active before 4 weeks and it is just healthier to limit exposure to germs and disease till they are older).
These visits aid in making the transition to their new home easier by exposing them to your smell.

9. Education & Preparation- Read, read, read!! There are lots of articles on this site and others. Read about puppy
development, training and health information. Next prepare your home and family for the new arrival. It is important to
make it safe and convenient for you to so house training and basic obedience goes smoothly. We would be glad to help with
any questions you have.

10. Pick up day!!- On pick up day we will go over lots of info regarding health and initial care of your puppy. Be sure to have
your crate ready to keep your puppy out of trouble when you get home and can't watch him.

11. Transition to your pack- Indulge your puppy the first 3-5 days after pick up. Just like people handle stress differently so
do puppies. It takes them usually just a few days to adjust to your home/family. Call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

12. Training starts now!! – With each puppy adoption we offer 2 free (1 hour) training sessions and 2 free days of boarding.  

13. Enjoy- your new canine companion for 12+ years.

You are welcome to e-mail us, or call 206-588-9189 if you have any questions.
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Puppies Available and Expected Litters

We do not accept deposits until the litter has been confirmed.
If you are interested in any of these litters, please fill out an
adoption application here.

You are welcome to call or email:

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